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Who We Are


Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is a not-for-profit organization, formed in 1967, representing approximately 170 members who grow greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers on over 3800 acres in Ontario, Canada. Our growers span from Windsor to Niagara and as far north as Ottawa.

OGVG is regulated under the Farm Products Marketing Act (FPMA). Under Regulation 417 of this Act, OGVG is responsible for licensing all growers, packers and marketers of Ontario greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. As a member-based organization, a Board of Directors and committees have been put in place to aid in the decision making process and to ensure the standards of the sector. Areas of focus include research, food safety, energy, environment, market performance and marketing. The Board also annually reviews, amends as appropriate, and approves the General Regulations for OGVG.

In addition, OGVG works hard to promote and connect its growers with government agencies, consumers, retailers and foodservice operators across North America through various government lobbing events, research, marketing initiatives, trade shows and community activities. As a whole, OGVG strives to support the Ontario greenhouse vegetable sector and its growers, however possible, to ensure success for today, sustainability for tomorrow, and fresh, nutritious, quality produce for all!





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To be recognized as global leaders in greenhouse vegetable farming


Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers is a farmer run organization that supports and promotes the sector through advocacy, research and value chain co-ordination so that members have the opportunity
to succeed.


Provide market access for producers and ensure the opportunity for economic success.

Misson Vision Mandate
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Core Values

  • Integrity – We are professional, ethical and operate with fairness, honesty and transparency at all times.


  • Sustainability – We are passionate on long-term sustainability of growers/farmers and the environment. 


  • Collaboration & Leadership – We collaborate with our stakeholders and lead by example.

  • Efficiency – We strive to be efficient and effective in all areas of serving our members. 

  • Workplace Excellence – Promote a rewarding, motivating, ethical and productive workplace for all.

Core Values

Our Growers

OGVG has approximately over 170 greenhouse growers in Ontario which produce tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers; the majority of these greenhouses are family-owned and have been in existence for several generations. Our growers are real farm families – they are committed to, and passionate about, the quality of their produce.
Meet Some of Our Growers

Our Marketers

OGVG licensed marketers are responsible for the selling and distribution of Ontario greenhouse produce throughout North America. All OGVG marketers are FDA registered and bonded, ensuring on-time delivery of our fresh products with no unnecessary border delays or inspection problems.
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Our Partners

Our Partners
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