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OGVG applauds the province for supporting economic development in Southwestern Ontario

Leamington, ON – Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) are pleased with the swift action Ontario has taken to ensure the efficient and timely development of five new electricity transmission infrastructure projects across Southwest Ontario.

The government announced earlier today that they had issued an Order-in-Council declaring three transmission line projects as priorities, streamlining the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) regulatory approval process for these lines. The priority declaration requires the OEB to accept that the three initial lines are needed when assessing whether the projects are in the public interest, expediting the review process so projects can be brought online earlier.

The Minister of Energy also directed the OEB to amend the transmission license of Hydro One Networks Inc. (Hydro One), requiring it to undertake development work and seek approvals for four of the identified transmission lines. Hydro One was previously designated as the transmitter for the Chatham-to-Lakeshore line in 2020.

The Minister smartly pointed out that Ontario’s clean electricity system, which is more than 90 per cent emission free, is a competitive advantage. With new transmission projects often facing lengthy development times, these actions will ensure that transmission infrastructure can meet the needs of Southwest Ontario, giving businesses the confidence to expand or invest in their operations and create new jobs

QUOTES: “We commend the Government of Ontario for it’s efforts to create conditions for economic prosperity. The greenhouse sector remains an opportunity for the province to continue to grow fresh produce for local markets and exports. Addressing future energy requirements will be a key component to success so we are especially appreciative of today’s news"

  • George Gilvesy, Chair of OGVG.

“OGVG and its membership are pleased, to see Ontario prioritizing investments in infrastructure that benefit local businesses, agriculture, and the community at large.”

  • Joe Sbrocchi, General Manager of OGVG.

About OGVG - The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) represents approximately 200 farmers responsible for over 3,500 acres of fresh, nutritious, greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. With farmgate sales of over $1.3 billion in 2021, support for over 14,500 jobs, and a contribution of approximately $2.1 billion to the economy and a consistent track record of growth, the sector is a valuable economic driver for the province.

For Media Inquiries, Contact:

Mr. Aaron Coristine, Science, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations

T 519-329-3233 or 519-564-4496

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