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Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable growers presents our Virtual Reality 360 experience! Fly over our greenhouses, cruise down rows of tomato plants, and watch how Ontario's fresh flavourful greenhouse produce makes it from our farms to your plate! All in high definition VR

Take a walk through a greenhouse!

Best viewed using your desktop device


  • Use your mouse to “click & drag” to look all around.

  • Place your cursor over hotspots to learn more or click to advance to the next section.

  • Select the fullscreen option located at the bottom right-hand corner of the experience.

  • IMPORTANT: Look directly down and you will see the OGVG logo. Hovering over this logo will launch the navigation menu.

Desktop Version

Be prepared for the ride

Best viewed using your mobile device & google cardboard


  • Use your phone to look around in full immersive 360.  

  • If you have a headset click the headset icon in the corner of the video.

Mobile Version
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