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Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Support Throne Speech Remarks

Leamington, ON- The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is pleased to see the government outline the importance of food security, as well as the focus on Canadian and migrant workers who produce, harvest, and process our food in yesterday’s Speech from the Throne.

 The Throne Speech aligns with OGVG’s efforts to enhance employee safety and well-being, mitigate and manage the second wave of COVID-19 and address Temporary Foreign Worker Program concerns. It is our goal to ensure a healthy, safe, and secure food system that maintains and enhances the well-being of all Canadians.

 “Ontario’s Greenhouse sector is a compelling example of how government and forward-thinking farmers can collaborate to achieve a globally-leading food system,” commented OGVG Chair, George Gilvesy. “We are pleased to see the federal government taking our food system and it’s workers, farmers and consumers seriously. A resilient, prosperous and safe Canadian food system is critical to the well-being of everyone in this country.”

OGVG welcomes the opportunity to work with the Government and our Canadian agri-food stakeholders on these priorities. The Canadian agri-food sector will play a significant role in the recovery for our country, create opportunities and jobs for Canadians and most importantly, will continue to provide nutritious and affordable food for all Canadians.

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